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Hi There!​
My name is Ally and I am the founder of Nutrition ally - a platform committed to building a healthier, more informed, and better connected community. This platform is safe space for women to learn about health and wellness topics that they care about from a credible, evidenced-based source. I have always had a passion for forming connections and empowering others to be the best version of themselves. 

I graduated with a masters degree in Nutrition from Cedar Crest College and I currently work as a WIC Nutritionist in my local community. All of my education and professional experiences thus far have been focused around nutrition and public health. While completing my masters degree, I gained hands-on experience in nutrition education, program planning, and public health outreach with various organizations in the Lehigh Valley as a part of a dietetic internship.

About the Founder

As I continued my career journey, I began to realize just how difficult it is to find reliable health and wellness information and resources, particularly for women. This is when the concept for Nutrition ally was created.  

It is my mission to use this platform as a way to connect women with evidenced-based health and wellness information, businesses, and products to enhance their individual wellness journeys. 

My vision for Nutrition ally is to share content, experiences, and resources to help empower women to show up for themselves and take control of their health. This is all in efforts to build a healthier, more informed, and better-connected community.  

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