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Virtual Wellness Retreat Recap 
Just in case you missed it...

Nutrition ally hosted a Virtual Wellness Retreat throughout May 2021 where local WNY companies met with the Nutrition ally community to share information about their services and positive impact. 
In case you missed the live presentations, you can now view them here. 


Lauren Tronolone, RDN
Founder of EATS Nutrition

Video Link:

Lauren unveils how she gives her clients the gift of food freedom and helps them set and reach their personalized health and nutrition goals. She recognizes and understands that everyone is unique and she makes sure that her program is tailored to meet each individual's needs. 

Contact Information
Instagram: @eats_nutrition_


Katlyn Grasso 
Founder and CEO of GenHERation

Katlyn explained that entrepreneurship is for incurable optimists who are driven to execute a vision in the face of uncertainty and a desire to make people's lives better. After listening to Katlyn speak, attendees were given the tools needed to  empowered to be bold and courageous, and know how to be agents of change in their communities and beyond. Katlyn highly recommends everyone read the book Shoe Dog by Nike Founder, Phil Knight- which is a book she believes encompasses the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Contact Information
Instagram: @genheration
Facebook: @GenHERation 

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Molly Hennessy
Personal Trainor & Founder of Move Mobile

Video Link:


Molly graduated from Canisius College in 2019 with a degree in Sports and Exercise Health Care. Throughout college she played softball as an NCAA D1 student athlete. Post graduation, Molly became a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer and most recently founded Move Mobile - a personal training service with options! She is a self proclaimed body positive trainer and she aims to help all of her clients learn to LOVE their bodies and honor it with movement to improve their overall health, their confidence, and to simply feel good in their skin. 

Contact Information


Danielle Byrd
Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Danielle Byrd is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor who has been practicing yoga for many years. Through her own practice she recognized the value and benefits yoga had brought to her personal life, which is why she became a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. During the presentation, "Beginner's Guide to Yoga- an Overview and Simple Practices," Danielle discussed the benefits of yoga and demonstrated beginner's Vinyasa yoga session. We were lucky to have her various experiences to learn from! 

If you are looking for a yogi to follow, please reach out to her for future classes or private lessons. 

Contact Information
Instagram: @yogawith_danielle
Facebook: "Yoga with Danielle" @vinyasaflow123

Yoga Mats

716 Fresh
Speakers: Corey Pepero and Lauren Tronolone

Video Link: 

Corey Pepero is the Founder of 716 Fresh- a local pre made meal service company that uses locally sourced, fresh ingredients to help you save time while they prepare something that your whole family will enjoy.  Corey and his team are passionate about sustainability and educating others about how food impacts our planet and local communities. During the presentation we learned about the services 716 Fresh offers and gained insight about how we can eat better to support our planet and local communities. 

Contact Information
Instagram: @716fresh

Facebook: @716Fresh

Fresh Produce

This Retreat would not have been as successful without our giveaway sponsors:

1. Alexandria Lawton
2. The Lounge Shop 
3. 716 Fresh 
4. EATS Nutrition 
5. Move Mobile 


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